New Tampa Little League
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PO Box 46847
Tampa, FL 33647
813-994-0074 Map and Directions


Midgets - Baseball
Division for boys with no baseball experience. League Age 4-5, must be at least 4 years old by April 30, 2010. No 6 yr olds can play in the Midgets division.

Coach Pitch Baseball Division
Division for league age 5-6 (5 yr olds with 1 spring season of Little League T-Ball / Midgets). The league could have some 7 year olds with no experience.

Rookie - Baseball
Division for boys league age 7 (or 6 yr olds with 3 yrs of Coach Pitch experience will be permitted to play in the Rookie Division). One level above Coach Pitch. This division could have some 8 year olds with no experience.

A Baseball Division
A non-competitive division, one level above Rookie. The Players pitch some, then the coach will finish up if the batter hasn't received 3 strikes. All 8 year olds and some 9 year olds.

AA Baseball Division
The start of competitive baseball. Most 9 yr olds and half of the 10 year olds.

AAA Baseball Division
The beginning of competitive baseball. All 11 year olds that do not play in the Major division, about 1/2 the 10 year olds and some advanced 9 year olds.

Major Baseball Division
The premier league for Little League. Very competitive. All 12 yr olds and half of the 11 yr olds. A player evaluation is required to play Major Division Baseball. Come watch some great ball!

Junior Boys Baseball Division
League age 13 and 14. Kids getting ready for High School Baseball. This league is a lot of fun to watch.

Senior Boys Baseball Division
Our oldest group! For players 15 and 16 years old. Just come and see how there skills have developed. Exciting Ball!