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Snack Bar Duty

UPDATED 4/22/12

 SNACK BAR DUTY: How To's and What to Expect


Each team must cover 3 hours worth of snack bar time.  It can be 3 hours with one person working at a time, or 3 people working together for 1 hour. Your other option is to decide as a team to hire one of the High School Soccer Players to work for your team. They are doing this as a team fundraiser. To do this, you must pay them $5 per player on your team (i.e. if you have 10 players on your team, you will pay $50, collected from the parents on your team).

Rules:  You must decide as a team what to do.  You must pay for your worker before the 3rd week of the season.  If you decide not to pay, you must arrange your scheduled work time with JULIE EVERETT.



You must check in with JULIE on your scheduled day so she can give your team credit for their time worked.


NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED IN THE SNACK BAR  but if there is absolutely no other place for the child to go we completely understand and have allowed children to sit in a chair inside the shack close to the door.  They cannot be helpers at the counter, etc.

14 years & older may work but there must be at least 1 adult (older than 18yrs).


Everything in the snack shack is really quite simple if you slow down and read! There are price lists available for those working & purchasing. 

Make it simple: get to your shift a couple minutes ahead of time and take a look around.

Look in the freezers. One usually only has ice cream, the other usually contains  burritos, corn dogs, hot pockets, mac-n-cheese...  

Cooking instructions for these items are located on the microwaves.  

You may need to re-stock items while you're working, look around for the back stock of such items.  All drinks & cups are located outside in the first shed next to the Snack Bar. Use common sense when stocking: drinks from the shed go in the back of the 'fridge & cold ones get pulled to the front.

v I know, you may laugh at how simple this sounds but for some reason these things don't get thought about when people are working in the Snack Bar.

v If it is being used, make sure the SLUSHY machine is filled!  Follow the instructions posted on the machine on how to fill it.

IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY or you need to ask a question, refer to the information posted on the cork board by the front door. Julie's numbers are posted...CALL!


Well, that's the basic "how to" and should get everyone started!

Have fun!