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 AYSO Region 180

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U8 referee official course on friday, Sept 7th, 6pm at Dunn School
> Companion referee course on Wed., Sept 12th, 6pm at Dunn School
> Contact Jim Enderle at endohus@verizon.net


Dear Parents of U10 Players:
We will be making a few changes this year with how the U10 Divisions will be run (especially at the beginning of the season) so I felt it was time to give you some of the details.

This year we will not be building the U10 teams in advance of the season.  We have found that there are a lot of physical and mental changes that happen to a player as they move from U8 to U10.  Often times we cannot begin to guess how a player may have changed.  Some are growing, and some are going to camps and clinics that improve their game.  Trying to build teams that are fair and balanced, with ratings that are 9 months old, just wasn't working!

SOOOO..... We are going to have all of the players in each division show up to training on the same days for the first couple of weeks and then run a set of scrimmages on opening day.  This will allow the coaches time to actually see the players as they are now, not 9 months ago.  All the coaches will evaluate all the players and we will try to have better information to work with.  At the same time, the coaches will be getting some much needed mentoring and training on how to run their own training sessions once they get their teams.


At the first practice session, your child will be assigned a color and number that will be theirs for the whole evaluation period so that the coaches can identify them...However they cannot keep them!  They must turn them in at the end of training each day and pick them up again at their next training session.  Please tell them to remember their number and color.

U10 BOYS:  You will be training on 8/29, 8/31, 9/3, & 9/5 from 5:30 - 7pm at the Santa Ynez Elementary School U10 Fields.  On Opening Day, Saturday 9/8, you will be scrimmaging at one of the following times based on which group your child is in:  9am, 10am, 11am  Be open to being at the fields at any of those times and plan on a short warm up ahead of your game.

U10 GIRLS:  You will be training on 8/28, 8/30, 9/4, 9/6 from 5:30-7pm at the Santa Ynez Elementary School U10 Fields.  On Opening Day, Saturday 9/8, you will be scrimmaging at one of the following times based on which group your child is in: 11am, 12pm, 1pm. Be open to being at the fields at any of those times and plan on a short warm up ahead of your game

Once the scrimmages are over, all of the coaches will go and build 10 balanced teams... Not knowing who will be getting each team.  Once the teams are built, each coach will draw a team number out of a bag.  That will be the coaches team... the only exception will be that their own child will be moved to their team and be traded for a child of equal value on the team they drew.  The coaches will then be given their rosters and will contact their players.  You will not know who's team your child is on until that moment, so please do not try to get your child on any particular team. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you,

Julie Everett
AYSO Region 180 - Santa Ynez
Regional Commissioner



Congratulations to U14 Girls Team Cobalt

for taking 3rd Place at the 2011-12 State Championships!

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Good to Know Info

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AYSO is a 100% Volunteer run program. 

Whether at the National Level, Sectional Level, Area Level,
your own Regional Commissioner and Local Board,
or every Coach and Referee...
his program is only possible due to Volunteers who give their time freely.
We are paid with the smiles on the faces of your children.
Keep these things in mind when you feel the need to criticize a coach,
argue with a referee, or question a decision made by the Board. 

Please do what you can to help support your local program.

We need you to keep our program strong.
Volunteer Today!

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."


 ~ ElizabethAndrew

Ask The Coach

Photo of AYSO National Coach John Ouellette in a blue shirt
holding a soccer ball

Coaches have to deal with all sorts of scenarios week in and week out. Each week John will address a question that has been sent in by an AYSO coach. If you have a question that you want answered please e-mail John (heycoach@ayso.org). This week's question is:

September 28, 2010

Question: What should I say to parents who complain about losing?

Answer:This is a parent issue, not a player issue. One of the things I would recommend you do is talk with the parents during the preseason or after the game, explaining that winning isn’t going to judge whether you are a good team or a bad team. Some days, some seasons you just don’t win. What’s important is: are they getting a chance to play? Are they learning? Are they trying their best? Are they enjoying the game? Are they enjoying each other, and are they having fun? If we can only enjoy the game and enjoy each other when we win, then we’ve lost the concept of youth sports and what they should be all about. I promise you the kids are about having fun, playing as hard as they can, and the outcome, whatever it is, they can live with it. So coach, talk to your parents. They are the ones that have the problem. Seems like you have it in perspective and I’m sure your players do too.

Great Article on "Hand Balls"
Hand Ball!!!! Stop Saying That!

The video below is about Youth Hockey, but it holds true for all youth sports.

 Video: Parents get a lesson in sportsmanship from youth player

There are limited partial scholarships available to families in need - please be prepared to fill out an application and bring proof of participation in one of the following programs:  WIC, free/reduced school lunch, PHP, or Medi-Cal to one of the walk in registration dates.  Also be prepared to sign up for some type of volunteer work within AYSO.  You can Coach, Ref, be a team parent, help at 4th of July BBQ, or help on the Board.

We cannot guarantee the availability of scholarships to players that register late

Becas (Por favor perdonar los errores en mi Español)

Hay limitado, becas parciales disponibles para familias necesitadas - Por favor, prepárese para completar un formulario de solicitud, y proporcionar pruebas de la participación en uno de los siguientes programas: WIC, libre/reducido almuerzos escolares, PHP, o Medi-Cal, en uno de los registro fechas. También, estará dispuesto a trabajar como voluntario para AYSO.    Usted puede entrenarse o arbitro, Ayudar a un equipo, ayuda en 4 de Julio BARBACOA, o ayudar en la Junta. 

No podemos garantizar la disponibilidad de becas a los jugadores que registre después


Refund policy -

We will refund 100% of your registration fee if you let us know in writing at aysoregion180@live.com before August 15th.  However, after that date all refunds will be determined on a case by case basis by the Regional Commissioner.  There are no guarantees of refunds.  All requests for refunds MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING to the email address above or they will not be considered.